don't care

i'mn basically a whole different character of "ziadey"
there are only two characters of ziadey
the first and main one, who is ziadey himself, and the second and ironic one, who is me

yeah i don't know how to explain more about the two(TM) except that i have been created on the 7th of august 2017

i made luigi as a tank spreaded around and Shoot

epic gaming :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))(9


i don't think i actually can make more content on there anymores
vidlieye has suddenly been inactive for most users and i can't hlep with that
even my subscriping doesn't do anything and they suddenly leave

i miss the times when tons of people including people i know and like goes on there and have fun

i didn't want vidlieye to be like this
and i don't

some known vidlieye users have now been on vlare
i don't even know why when i think vidlieye is better

will i be there?؟ no, shut the up
i don't think there will be people who will act like me on vlare, volks

will i make content on youjtube or such? don't darning know anyways sfklafalkas;lfksa

even from looking at vidlii's vidlii channel there is nothing to care about anymore

when you exist

all continuing development will be on vlare

just vlare
why even vlare

it's like vidlii is nothing but a waste

but you know what, i don't even care anymore

it was bfun whele it lest. :(

now we will tribute it with vidlii's previous channel avatar photo image picture



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